How long does it take to transfer funds to my LANDE account?

On average, your funds are credited within 3 business days, if all the prerequisites have been correctly met:

  • The transfer originates from a bank account held by the same person/company who has registered on LANDE;
  • The transfer reference contains the reconciliation code: LENDSECURED-XXXXXXX.

Sometimes the bank does not send Lemonway information about the account holder (e.g. Wise). That is why we may ask you for a proof of transfer issued by a paying institution containing:

  • name of the issuer
  • date of issuing
  • beneficiary's IBAN
  • issuer's IBAN
  • exact amount

If you do not see your funds in your wallet after 3 business days, please submit a request to LANDE support by filing out this form.